Common Questions About Prosperion Planning

Financial planning and advice is usually only accessible to older individuals with significant investable assets. But what about those young families that need help getting to high investable assets? The best time to work with an advisor is when you’re young and in the accumulation phase of life. The decisions that you make early in your life will have the greatest impact on your future financial outcomes.

We work with young families (typically in their 30s) who are serious about wanting to maximize their excess monthly cash flow. Our typical client may or may not have investable assets, but always has a desire to make smart decisions and is willing to listen to advice.

Anyone who thinks investing is a way to “get rich quick” or is wanting us to “beat the market”. Investing has historically been one of the best way to grow and accumulate wealth—but it requires patience, persistence, and several decades of wise financial behavior. We don’t offer a crystal ball; we only offer years of experience and wisdom in guiding people toward wealth.

We start with an initial conversation to understand your needs and schedule an interview meeting. During the interview process we determine how we can help and you determine if we’re a good fit. If we all agree to move forward, we develop a Game Plan with recommendations appropriate for your needs. Then we meet to discuss and help you implement and stay accountable throughout the process.

We are compensated on a monthly basis directly from the clients we serve. We DO NOT receive commissions for products or referrals. We will always put your interests first. Billing begins after the Interview Meeting when you decide to engage us for a Game Plan and ongoing financial advice.

Yes. We use technology (screen sharing, WealthVision, etc.) to work with clients across the nation and even around the world.

Our business is primarily based on client referrals. If we didn’t provide valuable advice to families that would dramatically impact their future, we would fail to exist.

Monthly billing is the most appropriate way to exchange value. Just like you pay for Netflix, internet or the gym—this fits easily within your monthly expenses. When something changes or questions arise, we’re always available! Financially planning is an on-going relationship.

The Game Plan is meant to lay the foundation for our recommendations. It will include priorities for saving, investing, paying debts, allocating excess cash flow, education and retirement saving advice, insurance needs analysis and estate planning review.

Each annual Progress Meeting will review the Game Plan, measure your progress, and make any adjustments going forward.

Not necessarily. Some months we’ll chat or email quite frequently. Other months we’ll leave you alone. Regardless, we are always here to answer questions that arise or discuss any changes that need to be made in the plan.

During the first year, we like to meet at least twice. This way we can help you stay accountable to the steps in your Game Plan. Going forward, we meet formally at least once per year or more if you’d prefer.

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