Your Story Has Always Been Different

You’ve been smart with your money, but you’re not a millionaire… yet. That’s where we come in. We’re not your parents financial advisor, and you certainly don’t need millions to work with us.

We want to help you make smart choices today that will set you on a road to financial success.

Our Reason

We hate the term “millennial”.

It’s a term that lumps an entire generation into a espresso-sipping, basement-dwelling, handout-seeking, self-entitled group of narcissists. And while that may be true for a certain subset of people, we know there are also “millennials” doing great things. Creative things. Unique things. They’re redefining expectations and they’re ignoring stereotypes.

These are the people we like to work with.

We’re here to help young professionals and families build a bigger future. The decisions you make today have a profound impact on your future so the time to start planning is now. Take control of your finances and let us help you put them to work for you, now and in the future.

Our Advisors

John and Steve Booren are a father-son duo, working together to help clients plan for a bigger future. They are based in the Denver Tech Center, located about 15 minutes south of downtown Denver.

John Booren

John started his investment career after graduating from Colorado State University with a bachelor’s degree in Financial Planning. John works with families to help them prioritize and understand their financial lives so they can position their family for a big future–taking complex issues and simplifying them. John grew up playing ice hockey and continues to stay involved coaching hockey at his alma mater, Regis Jesuit High School. He and his wife, Malorie, live in Parker with their son Hank.

Steve Booren

Steve started his investment career in 1978 with the NYSE investment firm EF Hutton, working in the environment of a large investment company. Desiring to provide clients with unbiased investment advice, he started Prosperion Financial Advisors in 1996. Steve is an avid cycler (a regular Triple By Pass participant) and is a part-time, private ski instructor for Vail Associates. He is married to Marie, and they are the parents of Scott (and his wife Diana) and John.

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